The Order's official NAP policy

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The Order's official NAP policy

Post  Lord_Thor on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:30 pm

NAP Terms and Condition:

All players from both parties must not attack each other once the NAP is enforced
If one of the Alliances in the pact has an NAP with a third party alliance there is no obligations for any player of the other alliance to keep peace with the third party.
(E.g. Alliance A has an NAP with Alliance B who has an NAP with alliance C, Alliance A have no obligations towards Alliance C for no aggression therefore if war starts [Between A and C] Alliance B will not interfere.
No Spying upon NAP members is allowed.
Conditions are broken if:
One of the alliances decides to end the NAP (Under special circumstances)
A member is found spying
The NAP Alliance B interferes between the war of Alliance A and C.
An attack is made upon a member of the NAP.
Light Consequences:
If a member of the NAP is found spying on another member then an explanation will be demanded with the immediate seizing of the actions of spying. IF THIS IS NOT MET AND EXPLANATION NOT RECIEVED THE ALLIANCE WHOM THIS PLAYER BELONGS TO MUST DISMEMBER THE PLAYER.
Heavy Consequences:
If an NAP member is found attacking another member from the alliance, an immediate dismembering will be demanded. The alliance whom the player belongs to is required to remove the faulty member within 24 hours of warning (without a notice).
If Alliance B interferes in a war that Alliance A is having then Alliance B shall be considered hostile and an enemy.
Leader of The Order - 1st Legion's General
Leader of The Order - 1st Legion's General

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