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Post  Lord_Thor on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:38 pm

I imagine i have to begin,

I'm a french player (did i hear frog ?) and play IO since the beginning i missed some Eras but do love this game and find a good community to be ecxited each time i connect the game or the forum. I'm 25 and student in the west of france to obtain my HND (higher national diploma) in graphic design. It sounds cool doesn't it ? but its not that impressive Wink.

I'm connected to the forum and to the game more than once or two times a day if i'm able to and if of course i've the time. My passions are like everyone else, graphism, music, multimedia and guitar.

My english isn't extraordinary but i'll do my best to be understandable and clear for everyone.

I'm glad to be part of TheOrder with you and really hope we'll have a nice Era together.

-- Respect, Force and Honor --
Leader of The Order - 1st Legion's General
Leader of The Order - 1st Legion's General

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